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Window Cleaning

Tower Window Cleaning is great at cleaning windows as a starting point, not an endpoint. Through innovation and iteration, we have become the number one window cleaning company in Melbourne. We offer a full line of glass cleaning services to both businesses and individuals who want to keep a strong, clean, professional image. Whether you are in need of high rise window cleaning in the Melbourne CBD or you want your home windows to shine like new, we are here to help you.


High Access Assistance

The Tower team has over 30 years experience in high access assistance for our clients. From Building Maintenance Units (BMUs) and Cherry Pickers to Ropes Access and Platform Access, our fully qualified team can take you to the places you need to be.


Pressure Washing

We try to anticipate needs not yet articulated by tenants and management, and meet them with solutions that set new standards. When we first launched our pressure washing service, our clients knew that it would be a high quality service at the best possible price and we have achieved this.

Tower Window Cleaning have set a new standard for pressure washing, from footpaths and driveways to rooftops and facades. Those are the kinds of initiatives we introduce and we are always looking for new places to make a difference.

Some of the pressure washing services we offer are:
- Block paving cleaning
- Driveway cleaning
- Patio cleaning
- Decking cleaning
- Industrial cleaning
- Concrete cleaning
- Brickwork cleaning
- Graffiti removal
- Chewing gum removal


Solar Panel Cleaning

The recent boom in solar installations has created a surge in the number of clients needing Solar Panel Cleaning. Our dedicated Solar team use the latest techniques and chemicals to restore your panels to their former glory. Dirty panels produce less power and are less efficient at storing power, making our detailed Solar clean an essential service for any business powered by Solar.

Why do I need my Solar Panels Cleaned?

Solar panels need cleaning on a regular basis due to dirt in the atmosphere which adds a film of grime on the outside of the solar panels which will reduce their performance by as much as 30%. The grime prevents the solar panels from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight that they can take in, this then makes your solar panels less efficient and it is this inefficiency that has an effect on their performance and the amount of profit they return.


Our dedicated Solar team use the latest techniques and chemicals to restore your panels to their former glory.