Services at any time, place, and height

Meeting your needs for exterior building maintenance

Anchor Installation and Testing

Quality access points are a must for regular maintenance of any tall building

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High Rise Window Cleaning

Make sure your windows are always sparkling and your business always looks its best

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High Rise Facade Cleaning

We can clean and inspect your facade and keep your building looking like new

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High Rise Gutter Cleaning

Keep your gutters freely flowing and minimise risk of long-term problems from water damage

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High Rise Painting

Tower Window Cleaning can sort out your painting needs, at height or on the ground

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High Rise Caulking

Keep the rain out, the temperature the way you want it, and protect from future damage

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Banner Installation

We'll get your banner installed or removed with a minimum of fuss

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Facade Repairs

We have extensive experience in renovating and repairing exterior facades of all types of buildings

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Facade Inspections & Reports

Cracks appearing? Talk to us about conducting a thorough report about the state of your building

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Leak Detection & Repairs

Timely fixing of small problems like air or water leaks can save potentially costly repairs in the future.

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Down Pipes & Gutter Repairs

Don't let leaky gutters or pipes destroy your building. Talk to us about how we can help

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Grafitti Removal

On-time, thorough and safe graffiti removal for your buildings, fences and more.

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We provide service for all building types - from commercial to residential, and everything in between.


Office building, public institution, or shopping mall - all those require professional exterior maintenance to keep looking neat and tidy.


When you need a specialist cleaner for high windows on a residential building or apartment block, trust the tower window cleaning team.

Trusted by Victoria's most iconic buildings

For all of your window cleaning needs - we’ve got you covered.