Grafitti Removal

Unwanted graffiti on your building or exterior? Tower Window Cleaning can be on hand promptly to remove any paint type from any surface.

Graffiti looks unsightly, can devalue your building, and present a poor image to your customers. As well as this, trying to remove graffiti using incorrect procedures or the wrong chemicals can damage bricks or concrete.

The longer graffiti is left on a surface the harder it can be to remove, as UV rays can bake the pigment onto a surface. Timely graffiti removal (we aim to be on site within 48 hours) is one of the best ways to not only deter further attacks from vandals, but to ensure your building is always looking at its best.

The team at Tower Window Cleaning have many years of experience in graffiti removal, and understand the importance of using the right substance on the right surface. We will ensure that every trace of graffiti is removed, and that your building will look as if it had never been vandalised in the first place.

Where we remove graffiti from

Large or small, old paint or new, we can get into all the hard-to-reach places and restore your surfaces as if they'd never been damaged.

  • Walls
  • Garage or roller doors
  • Fences
  • Public property
  • Buildings
  • Other highly visible areas

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